Melo guida la classifica dei 10 giocatori strapagati per Forbes

Forbes ha stilato una lista dei 10 giocatori NBA più strapagati nel 2013. A guidare la classifica c'è Carmelo Anthony dei New York Knicks.
La classifica è stata stilata dall'economista David Berri che ha compiuto uno studio approfondito sulle statistiche dei giocatori e sul loro salario mensile.
Secondo Berri il fatto di segnare tanti punti è sopravvalutato. Tanti sono i fattori statistici fondamentali come il servire assist, la percentuale al tiro, i rimbalzi presi e le palle perse. Nella lista sono omessi giocatori infortunati come Stoudamire, Rose o altri. (le descrizioni sono in inglese)

1. Carmelo Anthony

New York Knicks
Salary: $19.4 million
Win shares: 0.7
Big time scorer who can really get on a roll at times - just very inefficient. Anthony shoots 44% and gets fewer than three assists per game. Forget LeBron James and Kevin Durant, Anthony doesn’t even measure up to former Knick Zack Randolph, who makes $3 million less playing in Memphis.

2. Ben Gordon

Charlotte Bobcats
Salary: $12.4 million
Win shares: -2.1
Career 43% shooter (41% this year) whose scoring has declined dramatically since leaving the Bulls after the 2008-09 season.

3. Joe Johnson

Brooklyn Nets
Salary: $19.75 million
Win shares: 1.5
Looking to load up on a couple of big names for their big move, the Nets traded for Johnson and marketed him with Deron Williams as “Brooklyn’s Backcourt.” The team is having a solid year, but Johnson’s scoring average (16.4 a game) is his lowest since 2004, as he shoots just 42.3%. And he doesn’t rebound or pass much.

4. Hedo Turkoglu

Orlando Magic
Salary: $11.8 million
Win Shares -0.6
Only 11 games this year due to injury, normally a qualification for some slack. But Turkoglu has been fading for awhile since averaging 19.5 points a game in 2007-08. Averaged just 11 points last year on 41% shooting.

5. Dirk Nowitzki

Dallas Mavericks
Salary: $20.9 million
Win shares: 3.3
An obvious Hall of Famer, and yes, he was hurt earlier this season. But Nowitzki’s numbers have dipped for a couple of years now as he pushes age 35. The stats say he’s worth about $13 million at this point of his career.

6. Corey Maggette

Detroit Pistons
Salary: $10.9 million
Win shares: -0.8
Another whose recent injury doesn’t give him a pass: Maggette has never played a full 82-game season in his 14-year career. He can score, but with career averages of 4.9 rebounds, 2.1 assists and 45% shooting, he’s just not a premium player.

7. Rudy Gay

Toronto Raptors Salary: $16.5 million
Win shares: 1.8
Another one-dimensional scorer getting big bucks. Gay is shooting at a .411 clip this season. No wonder the Memphis Grizzlies dumped him at mid-season: they’re 23-9 since dealing Gay to Toronto.

8. Stephen Jackson

San Antonio Spurs
Salary: $10.1 million
Win shares: -0.2
A 41% career shooter, with three assists and four rebounds a game.

9. Chris Kaman

Dallas Mavericks Salary: $8 million
Win shares: -0.6
Ten points and 5 rebounds in 21 minutes a game. A couple of nice years for the Clippers in the past, but never lived up to his status as the sixth overall pick in 2003.

10. Arron Afflalo

Orlando MagicSalary: $7.8 million
Win shares: -0.4
Shoots 30% on three-pointers and 44% overall, not enough for a scorer who averages three assists a game.

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